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It's a disease that robs people of physical strength by affecting the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord, affecting the ability to walk, eat or breathe.

Burcaw has required the use of a wheelchair since he was 2 and depends on others for everyday tasks like getting dressed, getting into and out of his wheelchair and going to the bathroom.

I believe part of the problem revolves around what is being counted.

The process of burning fat or turning nutrients into energy or stored matter is way more complex than counting fictitious calories – and as you've learned from the study above, something as simple as a slight speed of sugar release difference results can result in massively different hormonal and metabolic reactions to a food. In reality, your own storage fat provides the most concentrated source of energy – and there are athletes out there (find them on sites like Run or Jack Kruse's forum) who are exercising at a steady state for entire days with zero actual calorie intake. In reality, nutrients matter far more than calories, and nowhere is this more true than in exercising individuals.For me as a beginner, counting music was hard to pin down because—well, because nobody ever told me how to do it.Not only is it rarely taught in a class, except for one situation (when a teacher counts you in to start a dance, discussed at the end of this chapter), it’s rarely heard in class. While I’m currently building the video page, called the Video Playlist, you can still check out some of the new videos, especially video 1.3, “Intro to sets of 8 – How to count music.”) I was always suspicious of the counting I heard in dance classes.I like numbers, and I’m a good counter, so it was odd. Fear not, I’ve expended endless calories, tortured and maimed untold brain cells and burned through thousands of dollars in dance lessons to make sense of this simple subject.