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They look complete," says Joe Ellison, who is 83, lives in Southgate and became my first male pantyhose caller of the season when he phoned recently.Going without pantyhose "doesn't flatter their legs.Alps Fitting Lotion is available in a 4oz squeeze bottle, and Compression Assist is available in a 2oz spray bottle.

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And yet, there's really nothing especially convenient or comfortable about pantyhose.

We sell 2 rubber donning gloves, Sigvaris and Mediven, and a cotton glove that has been dipped in rubber from Jobst.

Another very useful donning accessory is silicone lotion.

I remember when I was in grade school I took an elective science class over the summer. We got to dissect mice, capture snakes and taxidermy fish. We captured all kinds of creepy crawly things, stuck them in a jar with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and then mounted them on Styrofoam with a straight pin. My father was a successful farmer and a veterinarian. Frugality defined him and when he learned the price of the net, he balked. When I fished through the pantyhose drawer, I looked for the pair with the biggest stain. (I may have been taking a summer science class, but there still was a lot my 11-year-old mind had yet to comprehend.)Dad slid the elastic waistband over the hoop and, presto, I had my own net.

When it came time to capture butterflies, I was at a disadvantage. I was then dispatched into the yard to catch moths and butterflies at my leisure.