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LOL stay away from these guys- don't even have a fax machine! The Investment Trust does not charge upfront fees such as: presentation fees, closing fees, interest fees, points, broker fees, agent fees or application fees.The Investment Trust is a private venture capital investment group that infuses money into projects and companies in exchange for equity (stock ownership) in those companies or projects.In 1921, archaeologists exploring an ancient burial mound near Egtved, a village in Denmark, unearthed the grave of a girl estimated to have been 16 to 18 years old when she died.Not much remained of her body — only some hair, teeth, nails, and bits of skin and brain — but scholars could tell...Investment funding offer : US $ 45.000.000, 00 Proof of Funds - not possible Trust Address : Staedtle 7, Liechtenstein FL-94 is wrong and was not vaild Personal IDs of the Chairman of the Trust : not possible and maybe wrong Up front payments like travel costs for Trust Members about the amount of US $ 27.000, 00 (welcome for so much poor people they must have free food too) to the account of unknown Company with the name of American & International Services account by the Sun Trust Bank Atalanta/GA.Greetings Robin Hood Since I'd been a member of My last year I'd been receiving an approval email from Katherine Lin of Euro Asia Capital informing me that our project has been reviewed and accepted for funding eventhough I never send them any project proposal and worst they are inviting me to meet with them at a hotel lobby in Manila and not in their office which I now suspect they don't have any office in the Philippines as they claimed.Update (29 January 2016): Three months after this report was published, its authors announced that an avoidable software error had led to a mistake in their analysis.The ancient back-migration of Eurasians into Africa was limited to eastern Africa, they explained, and did not cover the entirety of the continent.

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Fossilized bone fragments found in the same sedimentary layers as the Dmanisi artefacts are too weathered to be identified as belonging to any one species, so it is impossible to say for sure whether the tools were made by .The man’s DNA suggests that Middle Eastern farmers migrated into Africa several thousand years ago, leaving traces of their Eurasian ancestry in the genomes of many modern-day Africans.Modern humans, Homo sapiens, emerged in Africa around 200,000 years ago, before populating nearly every corner of the planet., humanity's first ancestor to spread around the world, evolved in Africa before dispersing throughout Europe and Asia.But evidence of tool-making at the border of Europe and Asia is challenging that assumption.