Holly madison dating chris

It was a miserable part of my life." The shocking tell-all was a huge success for the former reality star and landed on the est-seller list, remaining there for well over two months.

PHOTOS: Girls Next Door through the years While chatting with Us at the time, Madison, who is married to Pasquale Rotella and mom to daughter Rainbow, 2, revealed her plans to pen another book.

But in her new book, of his live-in girlfriends, and how terrible her life in the mansion in what was at best a semblance of a romantic relationship with him truly was.

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Oz and claimed Hugh Hefner took the company's male enhancement pills to stay, um, erect during their sexual encounters. As you can imagine, the now-31-year-old mother-of-two has come a long way since appearing on E!

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, was released in June and detailed her relationship with Hugh Hefner and time living at the Playboy mansion.

Yes, Holly married the Travelocity Roaming Gnome in a publicity stunt to promote Planet Hollywood Las Vegas (where she’s performing in Peepshow) and Travelocity.

I don’t know how giving a gnome herpes is necessarily the most inviting advertisement, but then again, I’m not in PR.