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It was pretty weird, but I got the sense it was part of a really effective persona. The reason is that You Tube thinks Lyor Cohen is a connection back to the complaining, uncooperative music industry elite.The cabal of very powerful major label executives that hate Youtube, but still need You Tube, and don’t understand You Tube.Congratulations, Lyor, I know you can get it done,” Azoff added.It seems that more of the tech giants are looking to use the same strategy Apple did when it brought aboard music vet Jimmy Iovine, and what Spotify did when it hired talent manager Troy Carter.He made a big mark in rap and hip hop, then moved up to the highest ranks at majors like Warner Music Group.Then he started a company called 300 Entertainment, which focused on Twitter and music.Throughout the Q&A, Cohen answered a variety of questions on a string of topics including, among others, Young Thug.

In his autobiography William Shatner talks about all the women he slept with who had Captain Kirk sexual fantasies.The arrival of the sometimes abrasive, sometimes charming Lyor Cohen as the new face of Google’s You Tube was met with stony silence when On the Money called the record labels for comment.Cohen, who used to run recorded music at Warner Music Group and helped put Def Jam on the map, has been running his own Google-backed label, 300 Entertainment, for the past few years.“I think labels in general need to adapt,” he replies when asked about artists’ ability to release their own music through social media and channels of a similar ilk.“Not as a reaction to the DIY, but more because it’s critical to transition from old media to a progressive one.” To read Lyor Cohen’s full AMA on Reddit, click here.