Quicken not updating capital one

Your first step should always be to head to Account Settings Credit Cards and click "Fix card" to resolve the issue. First, ensure that the credentials you're using are the same credentials you use to login to online banking.Also ensure you're using the correct connection (the easiest way is to actually type in your online banking URL [e.g., americanexpress.com] as opposed to 'American Express') for your card/account.You can call 1-800-933-6262 and ask the CSR to "enable transaction downloading for Quicken (or Quick Books)".Or self enroll in Quicken via the "Enrolling in Online Banking through Quicken Direct Connect" section at https://We had every bank account, credit card, asset, retirement, investment and liability linked within the software.So to say I’m a power-user of their product would be an understatement.There may be a .95 monthly charge for this convenience for consumer customers.But the fee is waived for me because I have monthly direct deposit.

Capital One 360: Capital One will generate an Access Code which you can use as your password along with your Username to link Capital One account in Personal Capital.Then, check the other FAQs and known bank issues below. I was trying to connect my card and was locked out--can you remove that lock so I can try again?Because this lock is only put in place when incorrect online banking credentials were entered too many times, it is for security purposes and cannot be removed. If your bank is not listed, you'll want to fast-track to the spreadsheet import method (here).However, customers have long complained about customer service issues, bank synchronization problems, and a poorly implemented mobile app.Quicken is the granddaddy of personal finance apps, and it’s the software users love to hate.