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There’s the American Chris Pine () who suffers in real-life from being the least recognisable of all the Hollywood Chrises, but here proves he has at least as much comedy in him as “Thor” Hemsworth and “Captain America” Evans.We get a delightful cameo from Dawn-from-Spud to rest once and for all, while Moroccan Saïd Taghmaoui articulates what we’re all thinking – that Diana is the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen – and for some reason that doesn’t feel offensive or clichéd – it just feels, well, true. There’s no denying Gadot is an exceptionally beautiful woman.Normally I would lament that Hollywood actresses had to be gorgeous; that strong female roles had also to be attractive to the male audience for which their movies were intended.That we were implicitly fat-shaming if we didn’t show women on screen who had actual thighs. You may sport other dubious qualities in your efforts to show women as equal, but you have great, real-woman legs.) But the other night, in my trance, I noticed, but didn’t object once as Diana would rear up from a fight with her lipstick still intact and mascara unsmudged.Indeed a great beauty, Cavalieri was extensively photographed, her face and fashionably corseted figure published on many postcards.

But who can Isabel trust and who has a hidden agenda?

And then, some time around the first major battle scene, I felt myself choke up, tears welling (although they did not fall) at the same time as I experienced a totally unexpected sense of elation. Narratively, it droops just before the final act, as most over-long superhero movies do.

And I wished there were more women in the audience so I could “whoop! But it has terrific performances from a varied cast headed by the aforementioned Israeli model-turned-actress, who effortlessly portrays her Amazonian ingenue as deliciously naive, yet feisty and principled, in a way that feels completely authentic and acceptable (to both female and male audiences).

Cavalieri also appeared on the silver screen, though unfortunately almost all of her films are now lost.

The sole exception is her second film, is boilerplate: musical student Elyane goes to Rome to study music, where she meets and falls in love with the painter Pierre.