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Unlike Tinder, which is GPS-based matching (although you verify your account through Facebook), Hinge relies on your friends’ networks to find love.

Because of this, it heavily markets to women, who are concerned with safety when they are using a dating app.

She is on a mission to wreak havoc over her greedy relatives.

The people who have reviewed THE GRANNY here are obviously NOT horror movie fans, and thus should stick to reviewing films like FREE WILLY, PART 10. What an improvement for Luca (GHOULIES, ROCKULA) Bercovici, who wrote, directed and co-stars!

Hinge is available for both i Phone and Android, and is a Facebook-based dating app.

Because of the competition, Hinge needs to distinguish itself in this already-crowded market, and thanks to some great word-of-mouth and a slow city by city roll-out, it has made a name for itself.

If you look something more exciting and real - contact me ! Gorgeous brunette in my luxurious age, beautiful, feminine, spirited. There will never be a dull moment when you're with me.The Hinge website touts the fact that you don’t meet “randos” thanks to its Facebook friends-based approach.And there’s full disclosure so you can’t cheat the system.She's terrific chewing the scenery as Anastasia Gargoli, mother to some rather objectionable jerks who (along with their children) are trying to kill her for her inheritance.The only person kind to Granny is her bastard niece Kelly (well played by soft-core queen Shannon Whirry).