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Script: USE TEMPDB GO CREATE TABLE #Employee (Id INT, Name NVARCHAR(100), Status TINYINT) GO INSERT INTO #Employee ( Id, Name, Status) Values (1, ' Basavaraj Biradar', 0), (2, ' Shree Biradar', 0), (3, ' Kalpana Biradar', 0) GO Issue with example 1’s approach 1 and 2: These example approaches are assuming that looping column values doesn’t have any gap in it.

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I don’t personally think there’s any advantage in doing something like an ‘Indexes’ filegroup.If you have multiple SQL Server instances in your environment, it can be difficult to keep the details of each system straight.This is where a list, or inventory, of your SQL Server instances can come in handy.The SQL Server 2012 RTM versions of the Adventure Works OLTP sample database and Adventure Works data warehouse sample database are available on Adventure Works for SQL Server 2012.SQL Server 2008R2 product code samples are available here.